Diving in Barbados

Barbados is the most Easterly of the Windward Islands, and unlike many of her volcanic neighbors was formed primarily of coral. Whether you are on land or in the sea there is always reef around you. Not only is the island the jewel of the Caribbean, but is also one of the better-kept secrets in the diving community. Diving conditions are favorable throughout the year and visibility is good.

  • The south coast offers a series of diverse eco systems ranging from gently sloping fringe reefs, to bank reefs and deeper barrier reefs. These reefs are covered with lush soft corrals swaying gently and giving way to a variety of hard corals, sea fans, and sponges the deeper they get.
  • The west coast offers calm and tranquil marine environments of beautiful hard coral formations, shelving coral with sea fans, and large sponges protruding from the reefs. It’s also the home of two dazzling shipwrecks the Stavronikita, and Pamir.
  • The north and east coast offers adventurous diving, but due to the roughness of the Atlantic sea, diving is seasonal. These different eco systems are what make it so appealing and accommodating to all levels of scuba divers.
  • Carlisle Bay Marine Park just off the coast of Bridgetown and lying between the south and west coasts is home to a series of artificial reefs. These reefs are several shallow wrecks, the Berwyn, Bajan queen, C Trek, Ellon and a piece of the hull from the Cornwallace. The parks eco system is very well established from schooling jacks, grunts, sergeant majors to soft corals and eels dancing on the white sandy bottom.

These different eco systems are what make it so appealing and accommodating to all levels of scuba divers regardless of where you dive. There are always good opportunities to see Rays, turtles, barracudas and a host of other popular Caribbean fish/shell species. Join us and lets explore the wealth and riches of this marine ecosystem together, on this tropical island paradise.